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Hi there! I believe that the aggregation mechanism for clojars is down. The ones mentioned here that say they are regenerated hourly: such as this: Does anyone know who maintains this or how it is created and if there is anything we can do to help get it running again?


Hmm, it looks like it broke on Apr 24th. Can you file an issue at and I'll take a look as soon as I can (probably not until the weekend)


🙏 much appreciated!!


Also, apologies for the naiive question, but I notice that org.clojure/core.match is not available via clojars. I take it this means that clojars is distinct from Maven and that I need to get Maven information from a separate source?


Correct - Clojars is an independent repository from Maven Central. org.clojure projects are all published to Maven Central instead of Clojars.


And thanks for filing the issue - I may have time to look at it this evening


This should be fixed now.