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I can't set the name and can't set the cookie secure don't understand what i am doing wrong ... I did the same as examples found on the web


I fanybody has some tips ?


Hi, I have some troubles to have a secure session cookie with ring I tried all the solutions i could find on the web, but it does not work and i still have a cookie named "ring-session" once i set a value in the session. The cookie name is not reflected and the cookie not secure Here is my code

(defroutes app-routes
           (GET "/" req  {:body  (str req)
                          :session {:test 1}}))

(def my-api-defaults
  (-> secure-api-defaults
      (assoc-in [:session :store] (cookie-store))
      (assoc-in [:session :cookie-name] "JSESSIONID")))

(def app
  (-> (handler/site app-routes)
      (wrap-defaults my-api-defaults)))

(defn start-server
  (run-jetty app {:port 9291
                  :ssl? true}))

(defn -main [& args]
Does someone have any ideay on what i am doing wrong ? (i use tomcat to deploy the war )


Is the "tomcat deployment" part of the problem? Does it work when running from the REPL?


@U0F7M1KA7 I haven't used this with apis only UI. Looking at the api-defaults and site-defaults I'd say that the problem is there's no top-level :session config in api-defaults.


Many thanks but if i set as secure-site-defaults, it stay the same. It create cookie for the session, but also create a ring-session once i want to set a value in the session 😞


I don't use special :cookie-name It might be a stupid question but why do you need that?


Cookie name is not really the problem, but it show that these params are not taken in account. Secure cookie is the main problem. With secure-site-defaults, it create a correct cookie with the correct name and the coorect secure flag. But once i set avalue, it create a ring-session cookienon secure I think the problem should come from tomcat (servlet) but i can't find how to set and use the sesssion there


Does it work in the REPL?


i can't test a secure connection wihtout tomcat


The code is from all the place that use seomthing similar so i think it should work, but they don't use tomcat


many thanks to had a look @U06BE1L6T! 🙏