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you may look for inspiration here: Looks like they're using websockets to communicate out to clients


I also assume you don't need to worry about merge conflicts if two clients update the same document


thanks, i'll take a look at that codebase! yeah, i expect conflicts to be rare so i think a last-write-wins policy will be ok


ah perfect, well then please let us know how it goes! - I think it's a common need for a certain class of apps


Yea I am pretty sure no matter what, it is not as simple to keep a bunch of clients in sync in a more sophisticated way than "just reload the document", it seems to be a quite complex thing


I wonder how Etherpad does it


but that's heckin overkill for a lot of applications


In incubator 0.0.30's pessimistic mutations, is it expected that, if the remote impl returns nil — short-circuiting, choosing not to run — that the mutation’s ok-action runs anyway? we’re seeing that behavior in our code, and found it surprising.


Where did the support viewer go? IIRC it was not ported forward from 2.x to 3.x. If that is still the case I'd be interested in helping port that forward, since it would be pretty useful for my team.


Actually, the old impl looks really simple. Would it be better to have that in core or as a contrib library?