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Ruy Valle20:07:57

hello, I am having trouble setting a java dependency in a boot project. specifically, I want to use org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils


@ruyvalle should do the trick:

[org.apache.commons/commons-lang3 "3.10"]

Ruy Valle20:07:52

thank you! and how do I then import it? and how could I have figured this out by myself?

Ruy Valle20:07:24

e.g. why doesn't (import [org.apache.commons.lang3 StringUtils]) work?

Ruy Valle20:07:33

ok I see how to figure out the first part

Ruy Valle20:07:23

[org.apache.commons/commons.lang3 "3.10"] == [(string/join groupId artifactId) version]

Ruy Valle20:07:36

I was using it wrong

Ruy Valle20:07:52

also I realized maven has a leiningen tab which shows how to import