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@borkdude I'm trying to deploy a new version of the clj-kondo skill with support for running hooks. But I think that borkdude/clj-kondo:latest has version clj-kondo v2020.06.12 and that does not have support for hooks yet, right?


Also, I think this is a quick question. My current understanding of hooks is that the config.edn {:hooks {:analyze-call {macro-symbol hook-symbol}}} could be merged from anywhere so as long as I can get that data into command line --config it should be available to clj-kondo. However, the code for the hook itself has to be in the :cfg-dir so that it can be required. Looking at the code, maybe it could also be slurped if we were to use a form like {:hooks {:analyze-call {macro-symbol "my/hook.clj"}}}``. I've only been trying to do this with symbols so far but I want to confirm my understanding that the :cfg-dir plays a crucial role here. I guess that's .clj-kondo by default.


@slimslenderslacks 2020.06.21 is the latest version, includes hooks


Sorry, what I really had meant to ask was about the docker image currently tagged latest But looking closer, it seems like that's on 2020.06.21 as well. So that should have hooks support.


it should yes