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Hello. I want to suggest another way how to build uberjars with tools.deps. boot-tools-deps amends boot's configurations. Our approach doesn't complement uber task but replaces it. This task simply adds classpaths (and paths) from tools.deps to fileset. And it works with git and local dependencies too. The final task could look like this:

(deftask build
  (comp (deps-uber)
        (aot :namespace '[app.core])
        (jar :file "standalone.jar"
             :main 'app.core)
        (sift :include #{#"standalone.jar"})


@alexmiller has become a priority for me. I can't use our git fork because it's coming in transitively. I'd like to work on it this weekend, any thoughts you've formed so far? I'm thinking that the simplest version is that something like this will work:

org.clojure/tools.namespace {:mvn/version "1.0.0" :lib pro.juxt/tools.namespace}
Version is first priority. 2 with equal versions and different libs throws an error like comparing git to mvn does.