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Oliver George05:11:54

Can someone confirm for me which is most idiomatic goog.DEBUG or goog/DEBUG in this context...

(when ^boolean goog.DEBUG (println "Hello world!"))
(when ^boolean goog/DEBUG (println "Hello world!"))


@olivergeorge I'd say goog/DEBUG or js/goog.DEBUG but it really doesn't matter that much. since its a JS variable the compiler doesn't do anything special with it anyways


@olivergeorge Also, if you want to make your code look correct by first requiring the goog namespace, this wasn't fixed for :advanced until 1.10.312 with CLJS-1677.


I'm having trouble with :advanced after renaming my my namespaces so they start with console. I'm getting TypeError: Cannot read property 'bind' of undefined from the resultant js:

;var sT = lh(new l(null,5,[DN, console.log.bind(console), Nt, console.warn.bind(console), jJ, console.error.bind(console), Hp, n( ? : console.log.bind(console), tL, n(console.groupEnd) ? console.groupEnd.bind(console) : function() {
        return ke


Hello all, I´m trying to use PouchDB with re-natal (react-native) app. But the PouchDB is an esModule, so I did (def PouchDB (.-default (js/require "pouchdb-react-native"))). But why after creating (PouchDB. "database") the function names came with '_' before when I log it into debug console? Am I missing something?


@hybas3 you probably just need to change your namespace name


namespaces are global


so you will clash, just don’t do that