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Rachel Westmacott08:11:34

IDEs are great…. but I just opened a project, made my code change, committed and pushed - and IntelliJ is still indexing the project… 😄


The charms of caching :)


so... @peterwestmacott, you want your IDE to be as frictionless as possible?


At ClojureX this year we have a panel session as usual. Rather than just be my curation, please reply as a thread if there are speakers you would like to see on the panel this year.


Is that on the Monday or Tuesday @jr0cket?


Tuesday at 17.45


I’ll miss it, that’s a shame 😞


so long as you dont miss your own talk, it will be the best one anyway ❤️


dont tell the other speakers I said so...


but will that be due to my heckling?


Oh behave yourself @jr0cket all the talks look great. I’m really looking forward to it.


@thomas no, your heckling is merely emotional scarring, not the reason I leave the building 🙂


Heckling of any form other than chanting "We love Jase" with a loving tone with be met with stern and sustained hugging, from both myself and @U0525KG62 lisphug


Hugs from @jr0cket and @U0525KG62 - is that at the same time?


And I am now officially scared of the intro on the 3rd.


I am very much looking forward to this now!!!


I am too @thomas and the heckling obviously


Warm and positive hugs are freely available from myself and @U0525KG62, on your consent of course. If you ask us nicely we can also pair hug you.


@jr0cket do we need to sign up somewhere for the workshop on Sunday?


@seancorfield hey sean. This project saved my skin today: ! Much obliged

👍 8

Any recommendations for a (free) working space in London, with wifi and whiteboards ? Would like to do some face to face coaching with one of my students. Or if anyone is cool with two people hanging out in a corner of their office on Monday afternoon and talking about Clojure, then please let me know.


@cfeckardt Great to hear that it's useful! It's a bit of a funny story behind it... We started with lein at work back in 2011 and switched everything to boot at the end of 2015. Once we were on Boot, we moved our dependencies out to EDN files and had a .properties file with all our "pinned" dependencies (shared across all the subprojects in our monorepo). When deps.edn and tools.deps appeared, I wanted to align our tooling with that new "standard" (we were already using deps.edn as our filename, but with a different format). So I wrote boot-tools-deps thinking I'd just swap the format over and continue using Boot...


...but in the end we decided to completely switch to the new CLI and deps.edn, so we're not actually using boot-tools-deps now 😐 But! Our dev/test/build pipeline is much simpler (and faster) now. We no longer have to deal with weird edge cases caused by Boot's "shadow filesystem" abstraction and the asynchronous classpath refreshing stuff in pods (both of which had caused us pain).