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Does anybody else is having problems with Parinfer? running SPC t P gives:

Toggle: parinfer-indent
This toggle is not supported.


@U7V9HE682 only a guess, but can you run SPC SPC parinfer-toggle-mode successfully? I believe that is the function called (you might want to check what the keybinding says as I dont have parinfer installed myself). I assume you are running the develop branch of Spacemas and using the parinfer layer. I would be surprised if it worked otherwise.


I had to enable parinfer-mode manually, before it was enabled atomically every time I opened a lisp buffer


And yes I’m running develop mode


hmm, sounds like a bug with the parinfer layer, but as I havent used and and not planning to either, then sorry I cant help further. If no one else knows, there is also a #parinfer channel


I assume you have either removed smartparens or disabled it for lisp-mode, But that would doest sound like it would be the cause anyway.