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@raymcdermott I can’t reproduce this. I have a simple test project:

(ns cursive-775.core
  (:require [catching.stacks :refer [go-catching <?]]))

(go-catching (/ 1 0))

(go-catching (<? 'mid-fn 123))


And this:

(ns catching.stacks)

     (defmacro <? [fn-name ch])

     (defmacro go-catching [& body])))


Are you able to share that project?


Failing that, could you try to recreate a small test project that reproduces it for you?


Hi @cfleming, I just got the latest release, hoping to try out deps.edn on windows. in the settings, no versions are showing and 'refresh/download' doesnt do anything. I am working in a corp. internet, but i do have intellij proxy settings set up to access the outside world. I had a similar issue with cursive and lein when i first installed, but i could manually install lein and cursive worked fine after that. can i manually install tools.deps jar somewhere so cursive will find it?


@cfleming here’s what I mean by the doc string hint in Atom. You can cycle through hints and it will show the doc string below. It saves time I’d spent for looking it up or repl-ing it with (doc fun)


@henryw374 I’ll check that code, it’s possible it doesn’t set the proxy correctly. Unfortunately I don’t think it’s possible to install manually, I’ll check that too.


did you have any luck investigating this?


@dennisa I see - it’s possible in IntelliJ to press Ctrl-J (or whatever your documentation popup is bound to) when you’re in a completion list, like this:


@cfleming This is great! What are the standard Mac Os key mappings? I see F12, but it seems to be too clumsy to be a standard..


As you move through the completion elements the doc will be updated.