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Marc O'Morain11:11:55

I’m doing some work with Calva parsing test results, and I’m wondering if there are any docs on the return values from cider.nrepl.middleware.test I’m currently trying to reverse engineer from the code. Is there a better way?


Are you fixing bugs or trying to parse something Calva does not already implement?

Marc O'Morain22:11:05

Neither - I was trying to add types to the response message rather than leaving them as bare objects, so that I could leverage more of TypeScript to help me deal with the test results. I went way too far down a rabbit hole -


Looks like you are about to fix the issues with the test runner. 😃 Now, I must sleep some. 💤


@marc-omorain The middleware descriptor explains the middleware ops and their return values. We don’t have anything better in terms of documentation currently.


I might have written documentation

Marc O'Morain18:11:51

Thank you 🙏


Those are a little out of date, now that there's a new query system