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How can I open a "link" (e.g. to a file) in other window? Most of the buffers use <Enter> to open the file under the cursor but that opens the file in the same buffer. I'd like to have something like jump-to-definition-other-window but when I go through results. One example is "search project" -> ... -> F3 (to open the results in a buffer) -> opening some of the files found in other windowe


"Preview" (without switching to the other buffer) would be cool too - like it works with TAB when searching interactively


Does anyone have a good guide for lisp mode? maybe a video. Other than basic slurping and barfing, I don’t know what a lot of these do, and without them explained, just trying them they seem ‘random’


This is my favourite (3 minutes): Explains selection of paredit moves (wrap, slurp, barf, raise, splice, convolute, kill, split, join). The equivalent commands in Spacemacs are bound to SPC k.


Thank you both


Many of the operations in lisp state are from Paredit, so this might be useful: