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I recently realized that I had not finished the history support update to Inspect. The current released version has a broken slider (could not view prior versions of db) and DOM preview in the DB tab. I’ve gone in an implemented the updates to those, and I’m happy to announce a new version of Inspect: 3.0.4. The Chrome store will auto-update after approval. For those wanting it sooner (or the Electron version), please visit: NOTE: You MUST upgrade to Fulcro 3.4.16 (also just released) for the DOM preview fix.

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Hey guys, so I was going through the fulcro book regarding forms, I was playing w/ the first demo and on the inspector and noticed that ::forms-by-ident contained both of the form-state for phone 1 and 2. My question is, is it good practice to remove form-state from ::forms-by-ident given that you've finished editing the phone?


I'm just picturing a scenario where you have a table w/ editable rows and thinking it'd keep a lot of form-state inside ::forms-by-ident even though I might not need it.


GC of that sort is really up to you. Browsers have lots of RAM, and in my experience many apps don’t really fill it up that much during real operation. So, I don’t GC much unless I specifically know the stuff is getting out of hand in real use (e.g. the user stays logged in for days and very actively uses the app that whole time). Many apps are used in a more transient fashion, and you won’t actually gather up that much cruft.

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Gotcha, thanks for the reply.