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I tried clojure-lsp for Clojure today. I downloaded the latest clojure-lsp binary and restarted Spacemacs after updating packages and code, just to make sure everything was up to date. I was sad to see that it broke lots of things that I use regularly • typing code - I couldnt type spaces in a clojure expression as something was removing the space. If I continued typing without a space then it some how fixed itself • find vars broke - without lsp I can jump to a function definition from its symbol name. enabling lsp, this broke and the other tools lsp provided did not work. This aspect was most disappointing as its one of the reasons to consider using lsp. • snippets stopped working - I have about 10 snippets I regularly use and they all stopped working • Very noisy emacs-lsp UI ◦ displays a breadcrum trail at the top of each buffer, showing the full path of the file ◦ highlights a current symbol, unfortunately using a really bad contrast with the doom theme I run. This makes it harder to see what I am selecting. ◦ popup window giving me names and doc strings of functions almost instantaneously. I had to scale down my default font size as these were too big. After removing the lsp layer and restarting Spacemacs, everything was back to normal again though. I assume this is all due to the conflict between Cider and LSP and can probably be configured away given time and knowing what options to switch off. Given that lsp is the default for Clojrue if the lsp layer is enabled, I would have expected a better default configuration. Being able to type spaces in the code would certainly be a bonus 🙂 Hope you have better luck if trying / using clojure-lsp