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A while ago I announced here that I would be speaking at a GraalVM workshop / conference. There was a slight misunderstanding. This workshop is part of an academic conference and they want me to pay them to give a talk. I said I won't be doing that, so now there won't be a talk. Hope they will find a nice submission to fill the slot.

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I heard of confs charging high for tickets and selling talks online later (ex: GDC), paying to give a talk is a first!


This might be more common in academic settings. But I'm not going to spend several hours on a talk for which I have to pay to deliver.

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Yehonathan Sharvit18:02:57

What is that conference?


Bummer! But totally understandable why you bowed out!


Just to be clear. This conference isn't organized by GraalVM / Oracle but by Twitter and isn't independent from the larger conference.