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Affan Salman00:02:26

This is resulting in an exception caused by a ClassCastException

Affan Salman00:02:30

I’m evaluating my code with reveal enabled (reveal nREPL middleware) with nREPL 0.8.2, Clojure 1.10.2, and Java 14.0.1.

Affan Salman00:02:14

Running without reveal successfully executes the form and returns the map.

Affan Salman00:02:24

I’ve created a GitHub project ( to hopefully help reproduce this.


Hi @affan.salman, can you share the whole stacktrace?


Ah, I see it in the enclosed project


I'll try to have a look...

Affan Salman14:02:02

Is there anything I can do to assist, @vlaaad? Much appreciated!


Hey, I just released a fix for the issue you were having with libpython-clj, please try updating to 1.3.195 and see if it helps!

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Affan Salman14:02:42

Hey @vlaaad, that sounds great; I’ll be able to get to my workstation shortly. :)

Affan Salman14:02:27

Tested it just now. That fixed it for sure @vlaaad; thanks!


yay! my pleasure!

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Vincent Cantin15:02:39

hi. It would be nice if the Youtube video was referred in the documentation of Reveal


Good point. There is also a defn podcast...