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Greetings! new member here...just saying hi

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Grzegorz Smajdor13:02:45

moin moin folks, I’m starting my project and I’m looking for best strategry for it. The idea is that I’m planning to have the mobile clients and the Web interface. What would be the best approach to that? 1) Build pure backend service with API, 2) Build frontend service, 3) Build mobile clients? Would having a separate services for fontend and backend be good approach? Or would it be better to build backend + frontend in one service? I would appricate advice.


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@grzegorz.smajdor when you say "build mobile clients"


do you mean a website that works well on phones

Grzegorz Smajdor17:02:39

@emccue I’m planning to have the native mobile apps for that


well, the go to way to do a website and an app while sharing a chunk of code is react and react native


at which point you can use anything that compiles to JS


if you don't care about sharing logic between the two then you can pick differently


maybe using flutter or something

Grzegorz Smajdor19:02:04

@emccue thx for the idea, I was mostly curious about how to split the code within the clj & cljs, what I meant by that, should that be a pure backend service in clj (rest api) and then build separate web client (using cljs) and keep them separated?