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Has anyone had any issues with the SPC b (n/p) I get very inconsistent results. I can sometimes go to a previous buffer, but next sometimes bounces me to completely unrelated buffers in history. If I do "previous" then "next", the next buffer is not the bufer I started from.


I've had this issue for quite some time and just now rely on the projectile navigation since I haven't found any signs as to why this is happening

practicalli-john11:02:14 as far as I know there is not a layer for lispyville, so you will need to configure it manually. There seem to be some guides on the Internet to do this, but I have not tried. You may have to disable smartparens and evil-cleverparens so they dont conflict with each other, as they are doing the same thing. Also you may need to disable aggressive indentation and any other automatic formatting of your code. It seemed a fair bit of work for no real difference to smartparens and evil-cleverparens. If you do find something that works though, I am sure we would be interested to try it out. Evil-cleverparens is the package included in Spacemacs for structural editing in Evil state. You can toggle this with , T s in supported language modes (Clojure, lisp). You can also set it permanently in .spacemacs. I'm working on a quick guide to the most used keys here

David Schmidt15:02:38

That guide is super helpful, I’m definitely going to go through it. I don’t think evil-cleverparens comes by default with the clojure layer. I had the clojure layer installed previously and the SPC m T s and , T s commands were undefined. I added it it to my dotspacemacs-configuration-layers and it seemingly installed it. Despite that,

seems to throw the error:
Error in dotspacemacs/user-config: Symbol's function definition is void: spacemacs/toggle-evil-safe-lisp-structural-editing-on-register-hook-clojure-mode
and those previously mentioned commands still seem undefined. Any idea what the issue is? @U05254DQM


On Spacemacs develop branch evil-cleverparens is part of the layer, but its not activated by default (sorry, should have been clearer) Are you on Spacemacs master (default) branch? If you are on master there is a significant difference in the Clojure layer and a lot fewer keybindings set up, so I strongly recommend you use develop instead. Its what I have used for the last 2 years or more.


@theeternalpulse I havent experienced issues with buffer selection, although I mainly use layouts and SPC b b to navigate. I tried SPC b p and SPC b n in several combinations but couldn't replicate the issue. I also tried the buffer transient state, SPC b . and couldn't recreate the issue. I tested on two similar setups, one with the latest develop branch and another with a develop branch from a few months ago. I am using helm. If you are using Ivy, that may narrow down the issue perhaps. I suggest asking in the Spacemacs Gitter chat as it has a wider audience.


I am using Ivy, I'll try to debug when I have some time at work tomorrrow, I don't have this issue with my normal emacs custom config I use


Its a strange one, good look. Maybe something in the Ivy layer for Spacemacs trips the buffer previous/next commands.


It seems that doing the counsel-projectile-find-file doesn't add the buffer to whatever is iterated by next and previous buffer. guess i have to debug counsel as well

David Schmidt15:02:20

This is probably not ideal but it seems to work!

;; In dotspacemacs/layers
   dotspacemacs-additional-packages '(lispy
;; In dotsmacemacs/user-config
  (use-package lispy
    :defer t
    :hook ((emacs-lisp-mode
           . lispy-mode))

  (use-package lispyville
    :defer t
    :hook ((emacs-lisp-mode
           . lispyville-mode)
    :config (lispyville-set-key-theme '(operators c-w wrap additional additional-movement slurp/barf-cp)))
;; the config themes are optional 

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Note that you can also combine those commands in a private layer, and then just refer to that on the main config file