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Hello, just published the Atom package for Clojure/Script Chlorine version 0.4.4. In this version, not much for Clojure people, but for ClojureScript + Shadow-CLJS, there's an experimental feature (you need to check the configuration on settings): it adds a new way to evaluate ClojureScript that's probably faster, more reliable, and can, in the future, add lots of interesting features. Discussions on #chlorine channel

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[polvo/firestore-clj "1.1.2"] released. since last announcement lots of stuff was added. now with full support for subcollections, cursors, print methods making repl experimentation more convenient, and a few more convenience functions, including streaming updates as manifold streams, getting the changes between snapshots as clojure data, and batched coll deletion. by now I think we've covered almost all features provided by the original Java API, and further releases are going to be mostly for minor additions and bug fixing

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