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hi, does anybody know about a tutorial or demo of mount implemented on a re-frame Clojurescript SPA with config so that the application can be start/stop/reset from REPL? Closest ones I have found out so far are: 1. example included in mount's distribution it is not integrated with re-frame, and not seem to implement start/stop/reset from REPL 2. Luminus template integrated with re-frame, but doesn't seem to implement start/stop/reset from REPL Thanks in advance !


what do you mean by start/stop/reset from REPL ?


see if any of these examples help:


an example of what I mean by REPL config is the one, supplied with mount:


it is implemented in clojure; what I asked about is a similar one, but for clojurescript / re-frame, as far as I have been exploring, none is supplied in mount


on the other side, examples in slater are mainly in clojure, with the exception of hubble, but even in hubble, I have not been able to found out mount implemented on clojurescript side of the example


the reset is hooked into tools.namespace which is a library that refreshes namespaces in Clojure. in ClojureScript you would usually use a reload library figwheel or boot-cljs / boot-reload since things happen in the browser


as to a simple restart, if you want a single function you could do something like:


(defn reset
  "stops all states defined by defstate and starts them again"


ok, so I will follow these suggestions, thank you very much for such a quick reply