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Bardia Pourvakil09:02:09

Every time I get an error in my spacemacs cider repl, it indents my prompt all the way to the right. Only way to remove it is to restart. Anyone run into this problem before and have a fix ?


I’ve seen a bunch of people report this problem recently, but I can’t think of any recent changes that might have caused it.


It seems that the error message somehow messes up the prompt boundary’s detection. You seem to have a simple repro, so please file this on GitHub.


You should be able to clear the repl output (C-c C-c C-o) and the be back left aligned


@bardiapourvakil it , s l in Evil normal state or M-RET s l in Emacs state to clear the REPL buffer in Spacemacs, although the CIDER keybinding should still be there too.


When a function argument is a map with destructuring, is there a way to keep it from disappearing as soon I start typing the map? (From eldoc / the minibuffer). For example if the arguments are ([{:keys [key1 key2]}) and I start typing (my-fn {:key1 .


Currently there’s not.