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ClojureScript Podcast is back with a 3rd season! This season is all about build tools! First episode with Phil Hagelberg, creator of Lein

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awesome! been waiting for new Clojure podcasts


@U8A5NMMGD Ideally posts about blogs, podcasts, videos should be posted to the #news-and-articles channel of this slack community, making those posts easier to find. Great to have you back for a 3rd season.


Seems like I have been caught by the Clojurians Police 🚨 Will do Sir! Thanks for letting me know 👍


We are very friendly 'police' and trying to make sure the right people can find your content in this fast moving stream of data that is Clojurians Slack as well as finding it on the two archives (zulip and clojurians-log) 😁


I did some timings on the effects of direct function use a vs indirect use #(a). I uploaded the results and scripts to I wanted to know if making code REPL friendly is bad for performance, and if so, how bad?

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my usual complaint against (def a b) and friends is loss of metadata, which is why if the pattern is absolutely needed, I'd use Potemkin for the wrapping


Tbh, in this case you can use a directly for benchmark. I'm trying to reference the notion of passing the function value to another function, eg a Web server


Released ClojureCL 0.14.0: High Performance Computing and GPGPU in Clojure: access the supercomputer on your desktop -

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ClojureCUDA 0.9.0 has just been released, bringing the support for #CUDA 10.2. High-performance GPU computing in Clojure!

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Neanderthal 0.27.0 released, with support for latest #CUDA 10.2. Fast native-speed matrix and linear algebra in #clojure Supports all mainstream hardware: CPU, Nvidia GPU, and AMG GPU in the same process, interactively!

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