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TIL SPC b U and i can see my magit buffers in my helm buffer-list again :the_horns:


Oh dear, I have 86 magit buffers open I wasnt aware of. I dont think I will be using SPC b U to often, reality can be scary 🙂


Of course I could just use SPC u q to leave magit and actually close the buffer


i must have good habits - i rarely have more than a few magit buffers open, i think i quit them by reflex when i'm finished in them


hey everyone, any tips on how to open Treemacs at spacemacs startup? Im using the developer branch


If there is any such setting, then its probably documented in


calling treemacs from the user-config function opens it but after everything is loaded it collapses should I use some hook to open it after everything (sorry for the noob question)


If its not in the document I linked to, any answer I give would just be a guess. If a hook is needed, then there are some examples in my .spacemacs config here for different modes, maybe it will give you a few clues. If no one has an answer in this channel, I suggest asking in the main Spacemacs chat at


sorry, I dont use treemacs myself


Ive just switched to the development branch and SPC f t opens up treemacs instead of neotree


thanks anyway 😄