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It believe it’s the only thing I changed. I will try it on my other machine and see what happens. It could be a different version of Emacs and I just didn’t notice the change until after upgrading clj-Kondo.


Nothing has changed in clj-kondo's output format. Clj-kondo does not do any "styling", it's just row and col number + text


That's what I figured. Do you have any idea what could be going on with that last char being truncated then?


Maybe try a vanilla install and re-introduce pieces piece by piece?


Yea weird thing is that this is a complete fresh reinstall since other stuff got screwed up. Of course my .spacemacs file is still almost full. I will try that thanks!


My bad, I think I must have changed the styling by accident when I was experimenting with faces to make the evaluation marks in Cider more visible.