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I really enjoyed meeting you at conj @nate and @neumann! To add to @sakalli’ s list and you may have hit some of these previously, if so just point me there, but here goes; basic Web stuff like basic ring - and some libraries like Integrant, Duct, Fulcro etc. / The crux database library / The client server separation - It seems everything is React based Clojurescript on the client - what is left for the server, client server communication has moved beyond rest API calls, graphql, pathom, should business logic be on the client or the server how do you decide what goes where - quick easy Heroku deployment with Firebase backend (see Alexander Oloo talk) — maybe you can find some material in these selections — keep up the good work


@tbrooke great to meet you too. You bring up a lot of good topics, especially about deciding what's on the server vs the client.