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hi, thanks for yesterday's episode! nice one again. you were asking for suggestions of subjects to cover. here are some random ones out of the top of my head. some of which you might have covered, as I might have missed an episode or just forgotten, others might be out of scope. sorry about that in advance. + The transducer walkthrough that was discussed before. It would be nice to have a deep dive, perhaps even multi-episode, where you would repeat the awesomeness of reduce and then slowly dig deeper, eventually so that the listeners turning into transducer-zombies doing nothing else but writing such all day + a crash course into OO and the minimum of java concepts that sort of "leak into" and are good to master while writing Clojure. What are interfaces? types (in this context) records, protocols? what is the difference between map and record? Also, what are classpaths, dependency injections + the handy secrets of working with the JVM, from the Clojure perspective + a tour of other lisps what's good about them whats not. why we use Clojure despite of them + a tour of other functional programming languages + what are some of the features you wish Clojure had but doesn't? + a tour of other JVM languages + Components library. why we need it how it works, have a vague recollection you might have had this discussion not so long ago already... + What are Monads and why we don't need them in Clojure? Also about types in Clojure and the difference in type systems in general. Java is statically typed as is C so is Haskell, but these type systems are very different animals. Why is Clojure dynamically typed? Should we have type envy? + A few more "tutorials" ala the tic tac toe and twitter series in the beginning. they were super nice. perhaps building a simple web app. + explore some of the most used libraries. perhaps the web stack stuff. + metaprogramming. when to use macros and when not to use them. + perhaps some discussions about workflow, productivity hacks. liked both the repl series and the discussion about the fiddle files. but perhaps also sort of the practice of being a programmer. how to keep focus. perhaps something about pair programming, mob programming and such. project management. agile methods. + TDD in clojure + Perhaps a discussion about some of your favorite programming resources books lectures etc. the SICPs of the world. why those are so good and what they gave the world. hoping you're not getting tired of doing the show. even though would be understandable, must be quite some work. thank you for it 🙏 it is one of my personal highlights each week!

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@sakalli Wow! Thank you for your kind words and all of the topic suggestions! All of them sound great. We'll definitely think about how we can touch on them in the future. Thanks for writing it all up and for listening each week. 💙


@sakalli Thank you so much listening to the podcast and for writing those up! I appreciate your input. In addition to the topic-focused episodes we've been doing, I'd love to get back to some of our problem-oriented, story-arc episodes (the episodes like Tic Tac Toe, Twitter poster, log parser, etc). Thanks again for all the ideas.