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Filipe Silva00:11:42

I added the cider deps from the command in my shadow-cljs config and it seems to work well


A couple of months ago I was interviewed for The REPL podcast. It aired tonight. I think it is a pretty good listen for anyone who wants to understand the Calva project.

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updated the bundled VSCode clj-kondo plugin to clj-kondo v2019.11.23. this includes detection for unused imports + a couple of bugfixes.

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btw, enjoyed the REPL interview

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Hey there, total VS Code and Calva n00b here. I’m trying out calva to maybe use it in a little Clojure tutorial session I’ll be giving next week. Here is my question… (I feel embarassed to ask it)… After I closed the REPL window, how do I get it back? “Open the Clojure REPL window” and “Open the ClojureScript REPL window” both give me “<command> is not enabled in the current context” messages.


Oh yeah, and I restarted vscode, jacked-in again, but that didn’t reopen the window.


Mkay, I’ve got it back by jacking in again without an alias. This opens the Clojure (JVM) REPL window. I can eval cljs forms in the editor and see the value inline. But is there a way to open the CLJS REPL, too?


Oh, okay. As soon as I actually started typing in the REPL window it switched to the cljs.user ns after the first time I hit enter. So maybe it was running CLJS all the time, only the prompt didn’t update.


Yes, it’s an unfortunate bug of the REPL window that it doesn’t show the right cljs prompt before you have evaluated something there. We should fix that.


I hardly use the repl window, btw. Calva makes it easy to explore from the editor.

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Once I am aware of that behavior it’s no problem.


I’m starting to enjoy working in Calva - thanks for building it ☺️

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