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I’ve started exploring what it would take to build rapid-application development tools in Fulcro. It turns out the answer is “not much” 🙂 Check out this video and repo to see where I’ve gotten in just 4 days of CDD (conference-driven development): I don’t have time to completely build this out by myself, but I’ve already seen significant excitement from people that have seen it. Let me know if contributing might interest you. Think “Generate a web-based, React Native (or perhaps even Desktop) application in a day that supports autogenerated forms, reports, and auth.” All while not tying you to big hairballs 😉

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Cool! BTW, have you looked at Its goal is > you can define your domain model as data, parse and validate it, and then either consume your model via an API so there is some overlap and perhaps some lessons to learn...


Already suggested…see #fulcro


clj-kondo v2019.11.23: detect unused imports, a working Windows binary and a couple of improvements/bugfixes.

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Hi all 👋 I've just released v0.3.0 of create-cljs-app that includes a setup using devcards together with react testing-library. I'd love feedback on the user experience, file structure, and cognitive overhead of extra files in the devcards setup. If you have ideas on how these aspects could be improved let me know! You can make an new app with the new template using via yarn create cljs-app my-app or npx create-cljs-app my-app.

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