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Alex, you mentioned what I think you called logically inconsistent deps that one occasionally comes across in the deps of projects. Is there an existing option to clj/clojure, tools.deps, or some other tool that tells one if a project has such logically inconsistent deps?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:11:28

No, it will just muddle through


Sure. Just wondering for yours (and others) debug purposes if something like that existed, as a machine-detectable property that can signify that here might be dragons.


Enjoyed your talk @alexmiller thanks!

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I want to run a tool specified in a deps.edn file as an alias (i.e. with a :main-opts), but with a multiple sets of command line arguments to debug an issue down to a particular combination of arguments. do I just use clojure.main repeatedly or is there a smarter way to do that?