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parcera v0.5.0 released with (yet another) performance improvement by using datafy.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:11:18

org.clojure/tools.deps.graph - a new tool for making deps diagrams from deps.edn files

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Jacques Desmarais15:11:03

Hi Alex, newbie question, but would this work for ClojureScript projects too?


@UQHRWDGJW As long as the deps are managed by tools.deps what's the difference?

Jacques Desmarais15:11:54

Thanks for your reply @U04V15CAJ, though I’m so new, I have no idea (re: what’s the difference). 😉 I am running into an issue when trying out this tool, and am not getting any answers when googling, so I’ll post the issue in the #beginners section.


#tools-deps might also work

Jacques Desmarais17:11:33

Thanks @U064X3EF3, BTW I ran into the issue where running clj -A:graph gave me the error Cannot run program "dot": error=2, No such file or directory and someone pointed out that it was probably because I was missing an installation of graphviz, since my setup is so new. Would you like me to open an issue regarding this or, if this is indeed a dependency for tools.deps.graph, then should it be mentioned in the main readme?


@UQHRWDGJW It says this in the README: > tools.deps.graph uses Graphviz to generate images. You can find a list of platform-specific installations at


added 3 hours ago 🙂

Jacques Desmarais17:11:00

oh LOL :thumbsup: