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it sounds like the standalone REPL interactor isn't being maintained. what's the current state of it?


I'd like to hook up a REPL UI to a self-hosted environment and it looks pretty nice already


@lilactown, I had to move it closer to Calva in order to maintain it. It has led to that it is in better shape then ever. It should be entirely possible to make a build script that packages the standalone interactor. It lives in src/webview and depends on stuff in src/cursor-doc, none of which is dependent on anything else in Calva.

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Sorry for asking again. I'm trying to open my old clojure namespaces folder, but without a success. Without project.clj it shows an error

There was no valid project configuration found in the workspace. Please open a file in your Clojure project and try again. Aborting.
, with project.clj it shows 
Error: Could not find or load main class clojure.main
Subprocess failed
The terminal process terminated with exit code: 1


I dont want any main class or project deps - I just want to open a repl, load my namespace and evaluate forms


I can run lein repl


in terminal and connect to it with Calva. Does Calva lost abillity of doing it yourself?


Calva has never been able to start such a project, I think.

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It should probably. Please file an issue about it.


Mmm, maybe I forget how I started it last time. I'l try ty play with project.clj more


But I still dont want any main class...