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quick question, why does either the git layer or the version control layer adding things to my global gitconfig? Is that really necessary? ... I looked around and couldn't find a suitable answer... if someone has a good resource, let me know please.


:thinking_face: I don’t use the version-control layer, what’s it adding?


dammit.. I removed what it added so I don't have it readily available. I have both the git and the version-control layer. Maybe I don't actually need (or want) both? hmm.. I'll have to look at it more.


I’ve never enabled it. I use magit every day ¯\(ツ)


I do have the git layer enabled


oh right, version-control adds git gutter functionality, which I like.. and pretty sure magit can do the same thing... I just commented it out... so I guess I'll find out lol


I'll post what is being added to gitconfig if it comes back up

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Hey! Recently I did SPC T s spacemacs-dark although I had spacemacs-dark already, and it changed keywords like ns, defn, etc into italics, and I quite like it. Problem is - how to make that permanent?


SPC f e d


shows your .spacemacs file


There is a section on themes there.


I haven't tried it though... mine defaults to spacemacs-dark and I suspect yours does as well so I'm not sure why you see a difference when doing SPC T s spacemacs-dark.


Yeah. Maybe that’s because of specific revision of develop branch. I haven’t updated for a long time and I’m going to change machines, so I think I’m not going to try to update spacemacs these days. 🙂


@troglotit interesting, i noticed the italicisation of ns and def, defn myself (just updated spacemacs). This happens when ever I change the theme, even spacemacs-light, but these names do not show as italic when setting the theme in .spacemacs. I can only assume that its a matter of when things are loaded. I assume the theme is loaded before the Clojure layer, so perhaps something in the Clojure layer changes the theme settings. So when you apply the theme, all its settings are restored. Interestingly you get the same effect with Emacs lisp files. If you open .spacemacs then defun is not italic. Applying the theme again makes defun italic.

Mario C.21:09:36

I am using regex match to replace certain things in my file. How do I match and choose one by one the matches I want to replace and the ones that are false positives, skip?

Mario C.21:09:12

The solutions was :%s/<regex>/<replace>/gc


I also often use the Emacs-y M-% aka query-replace