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What's the right way to control the Java version that's used when you -jack-in? cider-jdk-src-paths?


Hi ppl, I closed a cider repl buffer and now when I try to M-x cider-jack-in I get cider--gather-session-params: Selecting deleted buffer any help on that?

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@iagwanderson Please, file a ticket about this. Looks like some sesman bug.


@stardiviner Likely some issue with content-type middleware.


You might want to file a ticket about this as well.


@vigilancetech Or file a ticket a well with more details about your problems so we can analyze them properly.


I’m reasonably sure the support for cljs has never been better than now.

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@bozhidar Thanks for checking this out. I will submit an issue.


@zane Nope. CIDER will just use whatever Java happens to be first on your exec-path (Emacs’s version of $PATH, which is often derived from it).

Timo Freiberg10:09:09

not sure if this is a CIDER issue or a spacemacs issue... but i get the following messages after running cider-jack-in-clj:

[nREPL] Starting server via /usr/bin/lein update-in :dependencies conj \[org.clojure/tools.nrepl\ \"0.2.13\"\ \:exclusions\ \[org.clojure/clojure\]\] -- update-in :plugins conj \[refactor-nrepl\ \"2.4.0\"\] -- update-in :plugins conj \[cider/cider-nrepl\ \"0.18.0\"\] -- repl :headless :host ::...
[nREPL] server started on 37195
[nREPL] Establishing direct connection to localhost:37195 ...
[nREPL] Direct connection to localhost:37195 established
error in process filter: cider-repl--history-read: End of file during parsing
error in process filter: End of file during parsing
after which i have an nrepl-server buffer containing some stdout of my defs and nREPL server started on port 37195 on host :: - nrepl://:::37195 as well as an empty cider-uninitialized-nreplbuffer

Timo Freiberg10:09:22

i see the nREPL process and cider-connect-clj suggests its port, but i can't connect.


@timo.freiberg Seems to me your repl history file is corrupted.


Likely deleting it is going to fix the issue.


> cider-repl--history-read: End of file during parsing


That’s the important part of the log.


The unhandled error during startup messes up everything else.

Timo Freiberg10:09:45

ah, thanks! that was it - it works now


Not sure what caused the corruption, though. And maybe we should add some error handling around this.

Timo Freiberg10:09:10

maybe i shouldn't have deleted the file... i'll store it somewhere if it happens again


Are there any limitations to the usage of #break? In a simple function it works, but in some other it doesn’t


now it works, not sure what I did wrong


and now it doesn’t. when I eval the whole namespace it doesn’t seem to work, but when I only eval the function with the #break and then call it, it works


(it’s a namespace with clojure.test, maybe it does some tricks)


To be honest - I can’t remember. @malabarba was working on the debugger mostly by himself and I haven’t really had much time to work on improvements there, so I don’t recall how things are implemented exactly.


(plus I usually instrument functions with C-u C-M-x)


Unfortunately after Artur’s “retirement” the debugger hasn’t seen much love. I hope to get to working on it one of those days, but I doubt it’s going to happen in the foreseeable future.


i think vspinu gave it a once-over and made the expanded macro forms much smaller


that was an incredible amount of work from malabarba. got my hopes up with that issue he opened recently


Yeah, that’s true. The debugger is not complex, but it seems most people think it works like magic and are afraid to touch it. 🙂


@gfredericks Hi! I recently wrote some tips, how to run nREPL process w/o lein with Rebel capabilities


@mike1452 In nREPL 0.4.4+ you can just use --middleware/-m to pass the vector of middlewares, so the handcrafted -e for this is no longer needed.


Can’t speak about using rebel-readline with the built-in client, but if it’s as simple as you describe it to be - @bhauman will be pleased. 🙂


@bozhidar yeah! second way in my tips uses -m. Full cmd is: clj -R:repl -m nrepl.cmdline -p 7888 -i -m "[refactor-nrepl.middleware/wrap-refactor,cider.nrepl/cider-middleware]"


@bozhidar is it right way to separate middlewares by comma?


Or spaces. It’s just a Clojure vector. 🙂


Ah, I didn’t see the second way. Generally the first way is going to be removed at some point, as this predated nREPL 0.4.


hello, I can't seem to find how to reload lein dependencies in cider. To reproduce: 1. change [org.clojure/clojure "1.8.0"] => [org.clojure/clojure "1.9.0"] 2. M-x cider-restart or M-x cider-quit then M-x cider-jack-in 3. clojure version still is the same


if using leiningen, I would do lein deps :tree to see if clojure versions are conflicting


If so, you can put in an exclude in your project.clj dependency to resolve the conflict.


it also occurs with any new dependency added (even with clj-add-project-dependency from clj-refactor)


I can’t imagine how something like this could happen - after all cider-jack-in simply invokes whatever build tool you’re using.


shadow+cider 20180827.1827 + nrepl 0.4.5 + cider/nrepl 0.18.0, starting cider cljs repl the second time, be it connect or jack-in

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "Selecting deleted buffer")
  cider--gather-connect-params(nil #<killed buffer>)
  cider--gather-session-params(("Music/erkitid_2018:localhost:37119" #<killed buffer>))
as I wrote this, I noticed version 0.19.0, going to try that...