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Josh Horwitz00:09:57

Agreed! I can help with any Redux questions as well, using it professionally for a while, re-frame API simplifies the shit out of it!

Josh Horwitz00:09:32

I was actually working on an article to map the 2 together to make it easier for devs coming from Redux

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Please share when you've written it.

Josh Horwitz05:09:17

I will, should be done by morning


I think event handling should fall somewhere between middlewares/sagas and event dispatchers into action/action creators. But it’s just my understanding 🙂

Josh Horwitz05:09:05

Would love some feedback before I post it out to a larger audience, thanks all!

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btw, I read frequently questions on complex async flows, and because re-frame events are “more open” and omni/multidirectional compared to Redux’s unidirectional flow of events, it’s quite hard to catch the context of event handling in the middle of chain of events. But enterprise-grade apps already solved that using correlation IDs: I’ve done it in my project (although in a little of crippled way), and I find it quite liberating. Thought of writing some kind a post, but, alas, I’m not going to work on that project.


I have a quick question on using the code-mirror editor in re-com


It’s all hooked up but I don’t seem to be able to get it to expand to fill the space like a standard textarea


this is the component code


I have the feeling that I need to apply some style to the box or the text-area or somewhere else but cannot figure it out after a decent amount of poking


LOL I find that I can call setSize on CodeMirror so you can ignore this nonsense

Josh Horwitz21:09:42

Here’s a quick starter that I put together (stole a lot of) and added in using Antizer so you can use Ant design.