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Just released 0.2.4, with datomic.Entity fully supported, since it does not implement java.util.Map


It also opens the door to pull any data structure, you just need to adapt one single function protocol.


I've created the #100-days-of-code channel to share my experiences as I take the challenge to code (Clojure) for a minimum of 1 hour a day for 100 days. If anyone wishes to join me, then its also a place we can collaborate. I start the challenge on 15th September which should take me up to the 24th December. I hope to complete all the 4clojure challenges along the way, use at least 100 different functions from Clojure.core, solve a range of kata style problems using clojure.test and include the advent of code exercises during December. I If I can also contribute to and hack on some challenges, that will be a bonus.

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Good luck! Somehow I was able pull it off a few months back. Definitely have some projects ready to choose from and keep some small ones on hand if time runs low on a particular day. No shame in writing a small example for a day to better understand how to use a certain function or language feature 😄