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'New releases...are not available.' Typo, I presume ;)


Hello, I created a small debugging tool for myself. This tool helps me to have visibility of the database while I am developing the frontend. I wanted to share to see if it can help others too. It is simply like a “PSQL watch” command but over websockets and with a web UI. It is built using Re-frame + Compojure and Sente for websockets. This is my first Clojure project after fiddling with the language for quite sometime. Thanks for these amazing libraries and ecosystem. Your feedback is most welcome.

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Mario C.21:09:22

I think I saw this on /r/clojure


please leave comments on threads or follow up channels, messages here should be strictly about announcements


oh yeah, I posted earlier in r/clojure too. Thought would be cool to share here as well. Hope this doesn’t seem like spam.


@U3ZPBUVJ7 no worries, I’m sure it’s appreciated. Wilker’s comment was purely about follow up discussion which should be done elsewhere :)