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Cider 18 stable release is out (non-snapshot) and so the next time you do a package update it will be installed. I am testing it out on my other computer and seems to be stable. There is some new connection management code so you can be selective in what repls you want to run (clojure / clojurescript / both)

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I was running cider 0.18 all day long today with current spacemacs develop and also didn’t encounter any problems so far 👌

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Is there a good guide on slimming down spacemacs layer packages


@U1CUUKHDL suggest starting with the spacemacs-base distribution when you install Spacemacs. That will give you a minimal set of packages. Then you can add from there. Also, selecting Ivy is described as more lightweight than helm If you have already installed Spacemacs, then first move the .emacs.d directory and the .Spacemacs file out of the way. Then clone Spacemacs and run Emacs to install the base distro (it's the second install question I believe).

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If you don't want to reinstall, then remove the layers you know you don't want from the .spacemacs file and also set the distribution with dotspacemacs-distribution variable.


I tried the Spacemacs base on a different machine today and there are lots of little things I miss. fd for escape, SPC 1 to change windows, SPC q r to restart, etc


@U1CUUKHDL FWIW, if you really want a slim emacs, SM may not be your best bet -- it's inherently a batteries-included distribution. For me it's been well worth the bulk, though 🙂


@U1CUUKHDL FYI selecting Vim and spacemacs-base will install 27 packages (97 packages in the full distribution). If you only use Emacs keybinding / editing style, I imaging there are fewer packages... but at some point I am also not sure what benefit you have of using Spacemacs. I found spacemacs-base unproductive as I have been spoilt by all the wonderful things in the full spacemacs distribution

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Great tips. I definitely enjoy what spacemacs offers, I see it as great for newcomers to catch up on the editor which has a long history, bit at 300+ packages I would love it to be more customizable on the layer level by default.

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I did hear a contributor say on gitter it's planned to revamp the config to do exactly that


@U1CUUKHDL it is easy to ignore package in a layer or exclude packages you do not want once you know the names of them. You can see which packages a layer includes by looking on the spacemacs github code, the packages.el file for each layer lists all the packages that layer pulls in. You can also just delete the names of the layers you dont actually use (even though you thought you would when you added them). Most layers lazily load, so its very rare to have all packages running all the time unless you multi-task a lot.