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whilst looking to see if there is a channel for the "rebel-readline" library I accidentally created a channel called "read-line". Doh! Anyone know how to delete it?


@tmulvaney I can delete that for you (as an admin).


That would be brilliant @seancorfield thanks!


@tmulvaney Done! (along with a bunch of other channels that looked like they were created in error)

Michael Fiano21:03:05

Sometimes a channel will not scroll with new content, and I have to scroll down for days to get current. How can I prevent this?'s super annoying


@mfiano There's a setting for that ... Preferences > Mark As Read -- you can have it auto-scroll to the bottom.


The default is to ensure business users actually see all new messages but for communities it mostly makes more sense to start at the newest message and mark the whole channel read (you can scroll up if you want to see some history). Esp. for large communities like ours that do about 15,000 messages a week (so only 4-5 days shows up, given the 10,000 message limit on free plans).

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