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I'm starting to wonder if this is a boot-cljs error.

java.lang.IllegalStateException: EXPR_RESULT 35 [length: 3] [source_file: /Users/wade/Desktop/rn4w/node_modules/react-native-web/dist/vendor/Animated/AnimatedImplementation.js]
     java.lang.RuntimeException: INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR.
                                 Please report this problem.
                                 EXPR_RESULT 35 [length: 3] [source_file: /Users/wade/Desktop/rn4w/node_modules/react-native-web/dist/vendor/Animated/AnimatedImplementation.js]
                                   Node(NAME add): /Users/wade/Desktop/rn4w/node_modules/react-native-web/dist/vendor/Animated/AnimatedImplementation.js:35:4
                                 var add = function add(a, b) {
                                   Parent(VAR): /Users/wade/Desktop/rn4w/node_modules/react-native-web/dist/vendor/Animated/AnimatedImplementation.js:35:0
                                 var add = function add(a, b) {
     clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: EXPR_RESULT 35 [length: 3] [source_file: /Users/wade/Desktop/rn4w/node_modules/react-native-web/dist/vendor/Animated/AnimatedImplementation.js]
    from: :boot-cljs


I've ran the entire dist directory through GCC and it worked fine. I can easily require this library into a lumo project. However in Boot I get this error. I have not used Lein yet as I have not learnt Lein. Though it does says at the bottom from: boot-cljs


All I have done is pulled in the library through npm-deps and attempted to require it into a namespace


I'm trying to require boot.file in a task but it can't find the namespace, I use, and it returns No such namespace: file when making a task

(deftask port-file "Copy cider port to profile folder"
  [] ;;Destination option
  (require '[boot.file :as file])
  (println (str "repl file: "
                (file/file? ".nrepl-port"))))


@theeternalpulse When you require at runtime inside a task, you need to resolve the symbol (at runtime). Change

(file/file? ".nrepl-port")
((resolve 'file/file?) ".nrepl-port")
and you should be fine.


ahhh, I see now.


thanks @seancorfield. Is there a way to resolve the entire namespace or do I do that per call to a ns function?


You'll need to do it per symbol.


If the require is placed outside a task, then it's evaluated before the task is compiled and you can use the symbols directly:

(require '[boot.file :as file])

(deftask port-file "Copy cider port to profile folder"
  [] ;;Destination option
  (println (str "repl file: "
                (file/file? ".nrepl-port"))))


(which is what I'd probably do for Boot-specific namespaces)


makes sense, so you include boot globally and non-boot ones you resolve inside the task?


I generally require namespaces globally that are part of dependencies that are global. If a task adds dependencies, then I require/`resolve` inside the task.

πŸ‘ 8

With the 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT do I have to specify anything special to get BOOT_JVM_OPTIONS to apply from, or is that functionality currently broken? The wiki says it Just Happens in 2.8.0+, but it's not doing it for me at the moment


@carr0t Looks like the 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT was pushed on January 9th and the BOOT_JVM_OPTIONS fix hit master after that


@seancorfield Aah, thanks πŸ™‚


Also @seancorfield, how do you require within a task? I tried to do that and the task I was trying to create didn't then know about the thing I had required. I'm probably Doing It Wrong (tm)


Also, I think you'd need an updated boot script/file for it to work -- you couldn't just specify the Boot version via the properties file.


@carr0t That was exactly the discussion I had with @theeternalpulse above -- scroll up and see if that answers your question?


Oh, duh, yes it does. Thank you. I had missed that part of the conversation


I was asking because it looked related to my problem πŸ˜‰


Can I run Cursive w Boot? Or does it work best w Leiningen?


@bones You can do it, it’s a little clunky but lots of people do use it:


Jeeze, no kidding