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I'm not finding anything in the (apparently) latest version of the graphql spec ( about subscriptions. Can anyone tell me whether that still exists, or have they replaced it with something else?


no, they exist, and lacinia supports them


The graphql spec is very open about them though, I used it with kafka, client could set a filter, and some event would also go to subscribed clients, when they came in.


Cool, thanks!


Mildly annoying that it's not there in the GQL documentation 😜


Just didn't want to start going down that road (w/ lacinia) & then discover the backing functionality was gone 🙂


Really liking lacinia BTW @hlship! If I had to put something on the wishlist (so far), it'd be an extra tutorial that isn't mixed with stuff about lacinia-pedestal, component, etc -- one that presents lacinia just on its own. But that's just a slight wish; the documentation is absolutely great!


There's some unfortunately necessary side tracks, like component and such ... but following the story of this little app will get us to all the interesting edge cases as well. Just a matter of finding the time.

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I'm working through the tutorial, but I'm integrating lacinia into a project that's luminus-based, and uses mount -- so there's a moderate amount of mental translation happening as I read it 😉


Well, that's the downside of us having choice in the Clojure space. Writing documentation is probably the hardest part of the work, so I'm sticking with what I know and use every day (except for the PostgreSQL stuff, since we mostly use Cassandra internally).


A price I'm definitely willing to pay for choice! That's why I'm suggesting a tutorial that's decomplected from the surrounding tooling -- something that has a section saying, "OK, you need to provide the following as state -- if you're not already using a tool to provide application state (eg component, mount), you should probably read our more comprehensive beginner's tutorial." Note that I'm just trying to clarify my suggestion, not push further for it! I totally get that documentation is hard, and often annoying, and you've done an amazing job with the lacinia documention (definitely better than I usually do 😊 ). Purely a suggestion 🙂


I'm just trusting my intuitions that the documentation will be more readable and useful in a specific context than with tons of hand waving around the context (the context being: component, lacinia-pedestal, etc.).

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@hlship thanks for the postgres part in the documentation, was able to replace using an atom for storage to postgres easily, with no prior experience in postgres and little sql. It's a bank emulator, and because of the database, I'm now stuck at 100 transactions/seq.


are they officially in the spec? I'm not sure they are.


I think they're a proposal.


This (2015) seems to suggest that they're in the spec:


"...we’ve introduced a third operation into the GraphQL specification: subscription."


Ah, ok. Thanks!