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I've tried to use a ref function and set it on the state, which stops the constant re-rendering. But now it takes a new canvas element on each props update, that makes the "video feed" flash between frames. :componentDidUpdate does not get called so I can't use ref with a 'simple-ref-id'.


I figured out this is to do with the component not having an ident. Got a well performing version now 🙂


Hi, loving Fulcro so far, but having difficulty with loading data from my server. Specifically, I want to do this: 1) on the frontend, transact on a button click, which calls a mutation, which creates a tempid and forwards the mutation to remote 2) on the backend create some “thing” in my db, and return a mapping for the tempid 3) on the frontend, use that newly returned tempid to load this newly created “thing” I’m having issues with: - where exactly should I do this load? It feels wrong doing some kind of componentDidUpdate and checking whether the tempid is one I can use for a new load - the “thing” I want to load isn’t really an entity, I won’t be displaying it, so can I do a load with a simple query rather than needing to defsc something to have a query to give to the load fn. Is there a section in the doc that covers this case?


Important to note that tempids should be generated from the UI and sent to mutations as parameters, since mutations get multiple passes.


React 16 works fine. There is a warning about SSR, which they’re changing, but it still works until 17 the way it is.


Guys, fulcro is support React 16 and shadow-cljs?


don't know about react v16 but shadow-cljs yes. it is even the default for the fulcro template.


Yes Fulcro supports react 16


@kgxsz Yes it is mentioned in the book. Search for 'It is perfectly legal'. You should load from events, for example button presses.