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Just a quick question about shadow-cljs. Does shadow-cljs support JVM servers? I have cljc codebase, with clj server code and cljs client code. Can I build my cljs artifacts with shadow-cljs with a JVM based server uberjar containing that artifact?


Hi @thheller, I’d like to bounce an idea off you if you don’t mind. I am designing a novel way to build cross-platform mobile apps, without React Native. It uses JavaScript as the main language for programming application logic. Hence I need a bundler. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to use shadow-cljs for that. I target my solution at JavaScript devs, so you could write apps using only JavaScript. I could of course use webpack or something like that, but using shadow-cljs has the added benefit that people could also use ClojureScript if they want, without any additional configuration. Would you say this use of shadow-cljs aligns sufficiently with what you intend it to be? This is of course important to make my solution “future proof”. Also, one issue I see (which I’m not sure if I can solve by configuring shadow-cljs) is that the user’s code as compiled by shadow-cljs gets “scoped” (e.g. module$demo$foo) so it’s “clumsy” when you need to call this from a native web view in iOS/Android. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


@stefan.van.den.oord it could technically work yes but the focus is purely on CLJS. so while the occasional JS include works fine building actual full JS projects has more than a few rough edges. (eg. no externs inference for JS)


Yeah I guess that’s what I felt as well. Back to the hammock 😉 Thanks!


if you only allow pure strict ES8 code or so then everything would be fine


but I'm assuming you want access to npm and commonjs


Yeah indeed, it should be as open as possible to other dependencies. And clojurescript preferably 🙂


yeah, then things get a lot more complicated


@retrogradeorbit I'm not quite sure what you are asking. shadow-cljs produces .js files. those files you can include uberjars like normal. you can run that as part of lein uberjar yes, although I typically recommend doing something like shadow-cljs release app && lein uberjar instead


ok cool. so I could still generate my existing jar with leiningen, and use shadow-cljs to build the js artifacts. Thanks!