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Hi everyone. I have a function taking and output stream. I want to provide an output stream object that builds up the data in memory. I don't want to write to a file, or stream it (because its size bound and what I'm passing it to doesn't support readers/writers/streaming). How do I create a "memory output stream" or a "memory writer" in clojure?


never mind. found it.

and then on that output stream
(.toString my-output-stream)

Abhinav Sharma07:10:00

Hello 🙂 Could anyone please tell me the best way to read an array size and array elements from standard input in clojure? for is there, but maybe there’s a more idiomatic solution.


I would say it depends on what your output should look like .. you can do it with many functions

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Abhinav Sharma11:10:58

Okay, so I need to read in the size of an array and then read the elements of that array.



Hello everyone


i use s/def to add record for spec, how can i remove it is there something like unregister ?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:10:52

Use s/def again with a nil spec


is there a scope for defining specs, for example, can i do this on function level so the defined specs only defined withing functions and outside it No ?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)13:10:09

If you’re using the registry, no. But you can use s/valid? etc with spec definitions directly (except for the attributes in s/keys)


what i'm trying to do is validate data via function


i need help making compojure routes work with destructuring


I want to auto-render various pages when the user navigates to lessons/S1&L7&P5 for example, so they will go to Section 1 Lesson 7 Part 5 ... is this the easiest way to put arguments together, or are there nicer symbols i can use to separate vars in compojure-land?

Mark Bailey21:10:31

Hello, all! I just wanted to pop in and say this: as I am implementing each part of the project I'm working on in Clojure, I find myself falling more and more in love with the language. The further in I go, and mind you I've only touched what I believe to be the surface layers, it just gets better and better. Coming from OO (, python, Ruby, etc.) This is a gosh darned fantasy come true. I've never felt more enthralled by programming than when I use Clojure. Thank you guys for the support you provided during my baby steps, I'm now walking, and soon I'll be at full sprint!

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