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I released Conjure v2.0.0 today, slight breaking changes around config, hence the 2. You can now easily hook Conjure into REBL so your evaluations and their results appear in the UI for your browsing pleasure! This integration isn't specific to REBL though, if you have any tool or library you'd like to hook into all of your evaluations, now you can! Hooks provide a way to configure tools.namespace/refresh as well as alter code before it's evaluated and see the resulting data. Go wild! (see the README for examples I've also improved how you filter a prepl connections down to specific files, directories and extensions. It should make it easier to work in multiple Clojure(Script) prepls at once in one project without evaluating the wrong thing in the wrong environment.

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org.clojure/ "0.1.4" -- the first new release in seven years of this contrib library to convert Java beans to Clojure data and vice versa! Fixes most of the open issues that were still valid (invalid issues have all been closed). Follow up via DM or in #clojure (thanks to @jonpither for spurring me to work on this!)

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