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Hey guys! How are u? I'm trying to use this component in a app with Shadow-cljs, but I couldn't figure out how to instantiate this component... I've required like this ... ["react-columned" :as Columned] ... and mount the component like this:

[:> Columned
    [:img {:alt "Image 1" :src ""}]
    [:img {:alt "Image 2" :src ""}]
    [:img {:alt "Image 3" :src ""}]]
But it doesn't work... what I'm doing wrong?


Hi @gleisonsilva i think that you should use [react-columned :default Columned] instead


I'll try! Tks @U0F7M1KA7

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:default in place of :as


newb question: When starting the nREPL with shadow-cljs (doing this both via Spacemacs/CIDER and from the CLI), I get the following error: No Clojure project was detected. The refactor-nrepl middleware was not enabled. I have not had much luck chasing this down on the interweb and was wondering if anyone here might be able to point me add a helpful answer or at least in the right direction. Seems pretty obvious but I can't reconcile the error message with my shadow-cljs.edn configuration, which looks correct to me. I can DM the configuration to anyone that is willing to help should that be necessary. Thanks!


most likely refactor-nrepl doesn't understand that shadow-cljs.edn is a project root


none of this is shadow's fault or even concern


Thanks @dpsutton. That makes sense. I'll file an issue with refactor-nrepl.

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