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Danny Brown released his new album today. If you're a fan it doesn't disappoint 😂


If we're on music, Nick Cave released a new album yesterday: Usually a fan, but not sure yet. Slightly better the second time around.

👍 8

Such a good one! Recently, I came across this collaboration w/Jack White and I was blown away by the depth and unique sound of it -


Flying Colors also released an album today (accessible progrock with Neal Morse, Steve Morse (from Deep Purple), Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater))


awesome. new music friday!! :the_horns:


FYI, there's a #music channel...


LOL :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: Just figured that I'd let folks know there is a dedicated (off-topic/non-Clojure) space to share and discuss music 🙂


This channel is dynamically typed.


proper offtopic - i feel that my biggest problem with clojure is that i don't like emacs 😄


I solved that problem several years ago by switching to Atom 🙂


but the nice support in intellij and often just prototyping away in the raw repl itself


make it work for me


i havent tried atom in a while, my main work is in pure java and intellij anyway


I used Emacs a lot back in the 17.x-19.x days then moved to other things until I got into Clojure (2010) and I went back to Emacs because "that's what everyone uses"... but I was never truly happy with Emacs and kept trying other things... I enjoyed Atom/ProtoREPL enough to switch, and nearly a year ago changed to Atom/Chlorine.


Yeah, if your main work is Java, I can see using IntelliJ/Cursive.


i do like vim too, but somehow my workflow and the way clojure vim tooling is done also doesn't fit my hand as well as intellij


i still accidentally use it sometimes though 😄


I was an Eclipse user for many years -- never liked IntelliJ -- so I used CCW for a while with Clojure but ultimately wanted something lighter weight that ran better on the little netbook I owned at the time.


have you tried vs code too ?


vs code and atom should be pretty good match for comparison


Yeah, I keep dipping into VS Code since I run a mixed Windows/Mac set of systems here. I just can't quite get to like the overall UI/UX tho'...


One thing that has me hooked on Chlorine these days is that it only requires a Socket REPL -- so I can fire up any Clojure process with a JVM option to start a Socket REPL, then connect Atom/Chlorine to it and work with the same workflow as running a REPL locally. Auto-complete is now built-in to Chlorine -- no dependency on compliment required (it will use it if it is present).


We run Socket REPLs in (some of) our production processes so this makes for a nice experience when debugging/researching/patching as well. (yes, we really do patch production processes "live" via the REPL sometimes!).


doom emacs is pretty great, if you like vim keybindings and want something waaaay more stable than spacemacs


Trying it out right now. This really is quite nice. The startup time is insane. Feels like Vim again 😭


No cider or similar? I miss the spacemacs comma , leader key…was really nice to do , e b for eval buffer, or , e e to eval s-expr.


Ah I see, does this line here bring in a collection of packages, similar to spacemacs layers?


startup time is not a factor for me. and said before, i'm really bad et emacs, even if you add keybinds to it. and it's not emacs fault, it's my fault 🙂


Yeah, I tend to have Atom and an "everything" REPL up and running all the time -- and probably only restart them once a week or less.


(and if I remember to use the add-lib branch of t.d.a. then I don't even need to restart the REPL for new dependencies!)


the same for me with intellij ... i may restart the repl process every now and then but IDE stays around for a day at least