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@raf , there is a PR cooking adding that.


@pez great to hear that! - thanks!


@pez @raf Perhaps I get some more testing done today. So we can integrate this feature soon. gg

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Hey all, just dropping by quickly to propose a feature -> a shortcut to clear the current repl buffer. For example, today I had written a failing test, then decided I don’t need the test anymore and deleted it. However, even after evaluating the whole test namespace, the test was still failing (as it was already defined in the repl). I had to restart Calva. It would be nice if there was a shortcut, which would allow one to have “clean slate” (I think Cider has something like that).


@sasho.popov: Tried Calva: Refresh?


(Not sure I understand the problem, so just throwing that out 😄 )


O.K., great! Learning something new every day 🙂


Thank you


Where on the wiki should we document all these secret Calva commands?


I don't know when the comment forms changed from being dim-lit to italicized, but I like it!

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It changed in the last update, where Calva took responsibility for what was previously provided by Clojure Warrior. When I added the comment styling to CW, I wanted comments to default to italics and ignored forms (`#_`) to be dimmed, but Tonsky wanted them to be styled the same way. Now, it is my call. 😃 In any case, this is entirely configurable.


You can go quite crazy with the styling, if you like. 😃

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Straight out of a movie


It would be extra cool to be able to animate it, but we can’t get everything we want, obviously. 😃


A thing to keep in mind when editing the style here is that VS Code uses a white-list of what attributes it allows to be used. And you need to use camelCase which will get changed to the kebab-case required by CSS. In the example I posted above I have cheated and snuck the text-shadow past the white-list like so:

"calva.highlight.commentFormStyle": {
        "fontStyle": "italic; text-shadow: 0 0 5px #fff, 0 0 10px #fff, 0 0 20px #fff, 0 0 40px #0ff, 0 0 80px #0ff, 0 0 90px #0ff, 0 0 100px #0ff, 0 0 150px #0ff;"


Dear Calva-friends: Long ago I started to work on a feature that would let you configure and run custom REPL commands. It’s well over time that that feature is released. Please help with this by testing the VSIX package found here: