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Getting some interesting behavior from lein-monolith where we're getting: WARNING: It appears your project does not contain a ClojureScript dependency. One will be provided for you by lein-cljsbuild, but it is strongly recommended that you add your own. for clj projects. There are shared cljc dependencies between clj and cljs projects.


You could add it to your :provided dependencies if you don’t want it polluting your downstream consumers


we use this uh… fairly gnarly alias in the metaproject to automate some test setup for our cljs-compatible projects:

;; Run this in a project with cljs-compatible unit tests to run the tests on headless chrome
   "test-cljs" ["update-in" ":dependencies" "conj"
                "[org.clojure/clojurescript \"1.10.312\"]"
                "[ \"23.0\"]"
                "[ \"3.3.0\"]"
                "[olical/cljs-test-runner \"3.5.0\" :exclusions [[org.clojure/clojurescript] [] []]]"
                "update-in" ":source-paths" "conj" "\"cljs-test-runner-out/gen\""
                ["shell" "bash" "-c" "mkdir -p cljs-test-runner-out/gen"]
                "run" "-m" "cljs-test-runner.main" "-c" "{:optimizations :advanced}"  "-x" "chrome-headless"]


you probably don’t need the guava and protobuf stuff, depending on what other deps your projects pull in - those are there to avoid otherwise-conflicting dependencies


ok great thanks for the answer Greg