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Shivam Jha10:06:11

Hello everyone, WayLit, a SaaS based US immigration-tech startup is taking its clients truly global. We are working on a platform for all non-US candidates to apply and pursue a job with the US based employers. Read a detailed FAQ to get your questions answered here: For everyone who is comfortable with working remotely, and is available to work with flexible timezones, do signup. The best part is, no matter where you live the pay will resemble the US based salary structure. Sign up now.


Hi @U025C9VAW2K, #jobs and #remote-jobs are primarily for Clojure(Script) jobs as this is a group for Clojurists. Maybe you can try #off-topic.

Shivam Jha11:06:23

oh sorry I didn't knew . Thanks for telling

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Admin here confirming that non-clj/s jobs can't be posted in #jobs or #remote-jobs. Deleted.


(deleted in #jobs as well)


@UJRDALZA5 @U025C9VAW2K No jobs should be posted in #off-topic so please do not do that or suggest it!

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Thanks for the clarification. I assumed #off-topic is for anything and everything that does not fit anywhere else but I assumed wrong.