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I think when I open a clojure or edn file without having a repl started, conjure is quickly popping up a hud saying no nrepl found and starts a bb repl and then the hud quickly closes. The issue is it then drops me into insert mode which is tripping me up big time. Any clue what is happening here?


It only seems to happen the first time so I think it has something to do with that whole starting the bb repl with corresponding message process


I've had the same exact problem, which was related to a custom autocmd that I had set up that automatically puts me into insert mode when entering a terminal buffer. I fixed it by adding another autocmd that puts me in normal mode when entering a Clojure buffer :) This may or may not be useful, your issue might turn out to be something else. But maybe it's a similar issue.


Do you mind sharing it? I coincidentally had your vim config bookmarked but I am not finding it and my attempts aren't working


How wild, I literally had just tried that Filetype...stopinsert method and it wasn't working.


Anyways, that works. Thanks man


Woohoo! It feels good that my hackery is benefiting someone other than myself 😂


Does the newer (non-JVM) Conjure support sending tap> data to the log buffer? I seem to remember that used to be a thing.


It does not, sadly 😭 I have an issue you can watch now though might be able to look at it kinda soon.


I'm away from home visiting my parents next week so I might get some hours where I have nothing else to do other than a bit of OSS, might have the energy for it then 🙂


I really need to get back to the time where I worked Mon-Thurs and spent my Fridays working on my own things 😅


Thanks for the issue to watch


I have some free time coming up next month, maybe I can help out with tap support (or something else)